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  1. The Cause of Genesis and Extinction of All and Everything.

    Ing. Rostislav Kocourek, CSc.

    I. Hidden secret Genesis, archetypes and their works, creating patterns of evil behaviour these are historical sources of causes of human decline.
    The crucial cause of human decline has come from the facts partially described elsewhere with help of metaphors (Genesis 2:21-25, 3:1-14). The decadency of modern and post-modern society has been following the same patterns.
    From historical sources (the Old Testament prophet’s sayings, sayings of Jesus not only at Tchacos Code, saying of the authors of Nag Hammadi Codices, etc.) and from my own knowledge could be found:
    „At the beginning was a Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God.“ (John, 1:1.) A cloud has emerged from the Logos and the First One has appered. The First One has similary appeared everything what has been done.
    During Genesis of the up region world the First One (Yahweh) has come and other heavenly beings have emerged there out of His will. Out of His will first man has arisen who was „built on the East of the Paradise of Eden (Genesis 2:8). So called incorruptible generation has later evolved out from that man.
    Remnants of the clouds have been separated, namely those residues that have not been incorporated in the bodies of further „en-lighters“ and their helpers. From the separated remnants of the clouds, especialy from the power of the residues of the light called Elohim a lizard Nebro begun emanate that has been labelled as a ruler of the „sphere below.“

    A part of the Genesis of the First One had been imitated.
    The cause of the imitation has been the fact of the creation „above“ as well as the presence of emotion, and thus a desire that could not be present in the „up region of world“.
    A ruler of the sphere below had yearned for a friend who was meant to be similar to the One who has created earth and heaven. The desire has caused an appearance of a form of a man of imitation according to the appearance of the First One above. The form of a man of imitation later called Adam or Vishnu has been able to maintain the light of the world called Elohim on base of the appearance of the First Form however, he has not been able to get more power to stand up.
    A generation of imitation has later come out from the imitation as well as a pattern of behaviour based on imitation.

    One of the en-lighters of the world above called Lucipher has been supposed to take care about the request of Nebro on base of an order of another inhabitant of the world above. Lucipher has taken care: both of them had made a non-authorized deal a part of Nebro „out of its need“ would be cut off from which Nebro´s friend has been meant to be done. The friend has been done. That is the origin of the first „human like“ being.
    The first „human like“ being together with Lucipher and within less or more pasive participation of human of imitation have continued their forbiden creation through „hirer hand effect“ (John 10:12).
    They have created another reptiligenous human and their sexuality from various parts of the quartering Nebro. Some other cut of it served as food in order to achieve kind of their specific immortality, and to get the power.
    During the next creation certainly something else has been done compared to what that has been agreed.
    ╬ 1. There is the foundation of later system laws based on sexual reproduction and food chains.

    Thus, woman from Nebro (Gen. 2:22) has emerged known as Eve. A reptiligenous generation has come out from man-made humans.
    A blind snake has arisen from the lizard Nebro.

    ╬ 2. There is the source of the Oriental doctrine of so-called snake power learning a man is being composed from the snake obtained and used as a “pro-motor” of sexual organs, and the man himself. ´
    Fast ageing connected with death has been accelerated due to the sexuality promotion. Therefore, it has been the „secondary“ creation carrying death that has got old and that has been mattered instead of the God´s creation. Adam (man of imitation) and Eve (reptiligenous woman) could give birth to the first borned man who has earlier made woman and her sex as well as sex of the man of imitation from lizard Nebro. His name was Cain.

    The crime has obviously brought the sexual way of „endless mortal immortality“ that has been the reason of the crime beside making the crime hidden however, an „infinite“ transmission of the crime information description at level of gene has been embodied to the system. The description has contented the crime itself as well as the crime projection and making the crime secret.
    ╬ 3. There is the origin of so called primary sin arisen from self-will of the man of imitation which has consisted from the assassination, robbery, and versatile abusing from that later human behaviour patterns have been developed.
    It was the man of imitation and the reptiligenous human who have primary used guilt projection to cover their crime blaming the hurt and devastated lizard that was resurrected as a snake after its´ “forgetting” death. The serpent has not forgotten absolutely. Therefore, the executors has introduced mental terrorising device to the head of the snake. The device has thereafter occurred inside head of human. The snake has been later called Satan and the same one has become a watcher of the Vishnu’s´down world creature. A pattern of revenge has come within the Satan s´ role as a consequence of the incredible and literally indescribable crime.
    There have been created down region archetypes of imitations along the appearance of the other creatures of the world from other parts of Nebro during the crime. The imitations were meant to be misused for any kind of a need.
    ╬ 4. There is the foundation of later social „Darwinian evolution“ that has happened just in terms of involutionary adaptations.
    Conclusion: no connection could be found between Vishnu s´ and reptiligenous human´s creation of imitation done with help of the “hirer hand effect” and the creation of the First One except of the fact of imitation.

    II. After a period of time the generation of imitation has corrupted all up regions and down regions of the world according to the similar patterns grasping power and emulating the model of the behaviour so far that only one man from the incorruptible generation has remained.
    His name was Jesus from Nazareth.

    III. The man of imitation stood up after the use of Nebro as food. As imitation the one has carried an intention to by similar to the First One. The programm could not be realized by another way then to empower the world above due to missuing The First One and His en-lighters.
    The attempt to destroy The First One has occurred several times however, the destruction has been promoted mostly by the reptiligenous people. Corresponding with the attempts the world has been declined several times. The attempts have brought the Zodiac Circle, and the stars behind, and another improper „adaptations“ that has been connected with events of destruction. The attempts have meant decline of the system at all levels of life. Specific involutionary peculiarities in form of new lower and detrimental kinds of biological species have occured as a result of human involution caused due the evil deeds. Due to the human decadency there have been appeared the species of parasites, molds, gems of malignant diseases etc. during that times.
    In terms of the previous apotheoses a new kind of human has occured mostly as a combination of the animals and the reptiligenous humans. A combined generation has emerged.

    By evil deeds who has been fallen into the matter world as the first from the reptiligenous generation has been biblical Cain.
    The result of disfigurement the lizard Nebro has been in a certain sence its´ death. The lizard has died, the snake has occured. Hence, Cain has brought death into the world as above so below. By that way the biblical Cain has become the opposite of a holder of Jahweh heritage for the rest of time.
    The archetype of killer who has as the first one got a benefit of carrying out murder on earth has during times begun to seek benefits through sexual magic. The journey has led him to the Egyptian magic where, under the name of Ishtar he became immortal by robbing souls and spirits of famous men. His victim has been „a man in linen clothes,“ Solomon, etc.
    Ishtar and her helper Imar have warped robbery of heritage of Jesus from Nazareth. Abusing and desecrating His still living phyzical body they actually have got Yahweh´s heritage with exception of Jesus´s soul that has been used as a „ basket:“ both of them have sheafed the consequnce of their deeds on Jesus´ soul with use of magic.
    Three men and three women were controled by the spirit of Ishtar and Imar through effect of „hirer hand|“. Ishtar with her helper had occupied their bodies delivering her and his will uncounsciously so that they could make this crime in „ament“ state of mind. No record has been left after the crime. No traces could be recognised except of a kind of imprint within Holy Spirit.
    The pattern of taking the lizard Nebro apart was used during the three days lasting crime as when the lizard Nebro has been quarterd by the very same participants of both mentioned quartering.
    The offprint of spirit of the quartered woman was later used as a super-cancer demon to exterminate humanity.
    It has been probably the cruellest crime of all times: it has been committed with the Holy Spirit and the pattern has begun to be repeated during the following existence of human in the form of analogies untill the end of ages.

    One of the consequences of Ishtars´ crime was establishing a split of personality as a true spiritual journey:
    “The personality disintegration dragged through the overdraw moral requirements and other special guidelines of the „spiritual teachings“ has been raised as a true way of personal growth. The way of the false morality has been agreed. Lucifer has made a deal with the so-called Creator. /For next see The Book of Apocrypha. /
    Nor one yet either was the right negotiator. Egyptian magician has been standing behind Lucifer, has become heir the „French temple“ and organization called „Ordo Templi Orientis“. Vishnu has been standing behind The Creator, has become heir Orient, later British-Mathers-Land, Franch-Papus-Land, and America- Regardie-Land. “ (Human, Spiritual development, Society, R. Kocourek, 2011.)
    The agreement has consisted of the following dividing: one separate personality shadow for Lucipher as a change of one spirit of initiatic for the false Creator.
    Personality disintegration has become a driving force in human society that has accelerated the destruction at spiritual level from where the cause of the general human destruction has come.
    At the end of epoch there has been started large scale technical initiation from „roofs“, that has been specifically authorized by the heirs of Egyptian magic, particulary by the so-called Regardie, and so-called Mathers, and so-called Papus. Appointed have tried to consecrate mankind as a whole under conditions of the agreement and with help of Czech Cain/Ishtar who was born again in eighties of 20th century Y.L. as Ivo Leinveber. The help has consisted in imitation of his deeds done due to „hirer hand effect“ at the beginning of apotheosis, especially magic sexual ubusing for the purpose of assassination or other.
    Spiritual realization of the Czech Cain has been based on robbing heaven repeating invocations, ie. renunciation certain rhymes previously appointed by earlier magicians. These invocations controled by the spirit of Ishtar has affected majority of heavenly beings from lower to the highest one as if the Czech Cain would be their „Lord“.
    The technique of invocations has caused a kind of spiritual realization similary as in a case of robbing and consuming human souls or other spiritual beings. The base of the effect has lied in a fusion of incongruous qualities of both invocated spirits and the matter of human body even under a circumstance no trace of a real spiritual transformation has occured. That has happend to the Czech Cain as well as to the majority of initiatics of Egyptian magic hiers before or during the event of apotheosis repectively.
    The Czech Cain going through this sophisticated form of vampirism has reinforced personal features to the extreme having no equivalent in the world above. If there was a positive influence of invocated beings the one has later been overcharged by the values of his personality tainted by passing use of magic conveyed from gaining banknotes through magic to magic assassinating.
    By that way this was put into effect as final position in heaven, the opposite to that what has been earlier embodied by Jesus from Nazareth.

    IV. „No one in heaven above, or on the earth, or under the earth, was able to open the book, or to look in it.“ (Rev. 5:3) It means that at the beginning of the third millennium Y.L. there was no longer pure man on earth with one exception.

    An opening the book of life has implied a look at own deeds from the genealogical past and present. This view has meant an extermination of specific being if there were evil deeds within records of light called Elohim in terms of his or her specific existence from the beginning until now.
    If the records of the evil deeds are forced out of personality with use of guilt projection or otherwise an objective shadow of the personality would be broken out.
    Within the meaning of „absolutely forgotten memories“ the shadow has always been a vivid figure and real personal carrier or medium of conscience. This kind of the carriers have been generally uncounscious and the same ones have been closed just behind the seals of the book of life, ie. behind a „latch of hell,“ or at unconscious level of consciousness.
    That is why no one was able to open the book, or to look in it.

    Meeting with heavy guilt and understanding of personal participation in deeds leading to it evokes „ament“ states of mind out of which one usually could not escape. These states could be primary cause of death or the related mental complex later becomes an activating factor of psychotic mechanisms, ie. disorder that means an extinction of a specific existence as well.

    It has not been that there were people on earth who looked into the book of life although many of them thought they are „omniscient.“ Those people have been marked by biasing or subjectively changing or speculating reality at subconscious and conscious level according to the character and nature of their deeds in the past. The true reality has remained hidden for them.
    That is why mankind have not recognized own true self- reflection either knowledge of own history.

    The mechanism of denying own guilt facts described previously (Human, Spiritual Development, Society, © Rostislav Kocourek, 2011) has layed in the fact that if suppression of own guilt and any kind of „guilt projection“ is present after an evil deed the first phase of personality split would occur. An inherent and temporary deed description attached to a human soul together with ethic requirements of the society makes a pressure to create false clean selfreflection. The discrepancy between the soul facts and false self-reflection causes a separation of the personality elements with which a man cannot indentify himself.
    The unenviable soul facts would be pushed out of the human so that a personality shadow occures at level of neuroticisim. A man has begun to separate from its shadow, the element that allows emotions.
    As in any case of guilt projection specific negative factors have been embodied within the shadow to stay personality clean. The shadow has carried a description of evil deeds meanwhile the personality has remained clean. When a man takes his shadow back he would find himself at mental states reinforcing relapse of the evil deeds according to the description within the unconscious shadow.
    Therefore, „suffering transfer“ has been one of the consequence of the mechanism of guilt projection.

    At level of psychosis the separation of the personality shadow has reached to the extent that the shadow has become independent but still bounded to its creator. The shadow „would requests“ repayment of the debt entering its own house when ability of awareness has been suppressed or reduced – if only a man has carried on in the same direction.
    Further suppression of awareness of the evil deed has led to a reduction in self-consciouness. Thus the shadow has became compatible with its´ creator. Shadow has come to its house added its´ energy inside of its creator body, and this supplementary energy has enabled doing unusual evil deeds under a threshold of awareness.
    The suplementary energy together with unconscious effort to expulse a „trouble“ in the form of shadow out of the body has induced the features of attack during the real (or illusionary) deed performance curved by an anxiety to make the deed secret.

    The last stage of personality disintegration has been called „spiritual initiation.“ If a man has realized a spiritual consecration his personal shadow would become „threshold demon“ torn apart after his „mystical death,“ and guarding his real death so that it could crush him as a worm and at any expence untill a destruction of the world. For him alone, he has become psychotic with spirit in heaven.
    If a man is incapable to open the book of life the one would be incapable to realize spiritual initiation as well. His superphysical personality constituents, ie. his shadow would not belonged to heaven, his shadow would be burdened by the deed descriptions that he could not cope with. Therefore, no one should ask for… but a lot has done.

    Most of the self-chosen „god-like“ men have come from contemporary or genealogical psychotics in every period of human existence. Subjectively, facing to other people they have made an illusionary advantage from their deepest disorder but in fact they did not want to live, they did wish to die. At that point they at least symbolically succeeded.

    These „Olympians“ has been mostly products of sexual and other magic crimes of Vishnu and Ishtar dating from the turn of the era or even from the earlier apotheoses. They could not be related either to the incorruptible generation nor to the generation of imitation.
    The very same ones have pushed through so that they filled the earth.
    At the end of ages their „Darwinian thinking“ and no less „Darwinian will“ has been transmitted to heaven through their robbed spirit. By that way their thinking (Logos) has been implemented in heaven and has served as a guidelines for the behavior of people on earth.

    V. At the end of aeon he who has been invoted for the implementation of the Triune on earth has reached realization of all ten Buddhist „insights“approximately ten years before the even of apotheosis. The realization has been undertaken without any outside help or interference and especially without the personality shadow separation. The realization has meant getting out of the creation, and unification with the Holy Spirit or Spirit of God within keeping the fact conscious.
    The highest spiritual realization could be achieved through discipline, morality, contemporary and genealogical purity to which people usually cannot approach.
    If the implementation of Triune on earth has not provoked separating of personality shadow the one who was able to realize the Spirit of God was considered as purest being on Earth.
    This kind of realization has not occured either within the teachings of Orient nor within the offshoot of Egyptian magic. If there was such a realization it has belonged to a heir of Yahwehs´ heritage. Most of the initiatics of the teachings have been fighting with their threshold demons, ie. with their shadows for the rest of their life after their „consecration.“

    After the implementation of the Triune on earth several significant events have happend. The „book of life“ (Book of Revelation, 5:2-5) known as „wheel of consciousness“ has been opened. The wheel of consciousness has included a system of down regions of the world at practical aspect (hells) not unlike of a hierarchy of up regions of the world (heavens).
    The hells, an outcome of „Darwinian evolution“ of mankind during the last two thousand years had numbered in the order of 1000 to 10,000 personality shadows, and threshold demons, and other harmful creatures per one man of the entire human population of that time.
    The dark world system has been eliminated by the Triune Intermediary with help of all justified inhabitants of heaven including prophets and other holy beings. The cleaning had taken three years.
    At the same time the Triune Intermediary has cleaned up regions of world. Heaven was polluted by insiders who have „achieved“ split of their personality before the implementation of the Triune on earth.
    The heavens has become accessible to the general public without previous hazards that would cost life if an unqalified man would try to get there.

    The fact has been missused by „highwaymen“ from all the world, particularly from the France and the USA who have followed the pattern of unprecedented ubusing of the Triune Intermediary by Czech Cain from sexual assassinating magic to elimination of consequences of military or terrorist activities over the world due to His phyzical being on base of agreements at that He himself has not participated. One of the agreements has been malignant Vishnus´ program „to take all the bad and to give all the good“ put into the soul of Triune Intermediary during the time of earlier apotheoses.
    Certain groups of people have made one of the biggest trade from the „spiritual“ initiation and from making miracles with help of robbed Triune Intermediary soul offprints despite the fact the realization of Holy Spirit as well as the realization of the Triune Intermediary has not been trensferable by any means. (Rev 5:3)

    Disassembly of superphysical body structure has been carried out tearing pieces of light structure starting from the crown of the head ending poll. These „operations“ have been done particularly by the Americans and the the French.
    Spirits of women have been mostly made from the pieces of the superphysical body structure. The women entagled have had nothing to do with heaven.

    Let it be emphasized that the superfine light structure of physical body, especially the one of skull is a protective bar preventing inner being of human to escape. Nothing less then death of a man is used to be a consequence of the damage of the skull protective structure. In that case the inner being can escape before the body was unable to continue in life either for damage or for being worn off.
    In the case of the damage of superphysical head structure the inner being of human could be easily pulled out and robbed or abused. As a consequence of the encroachment a damage to the soul or spirit could be expected.
    Damage to the light structure of the Triune Intermediary body has been planned. Therefore, it has been reported on premediated abuse and subsequent assassination.
    An assassination has been recognized as the ultimate degree of „Darwinian evolution“ of human society.

    After the the separated personality shadows of initiatics have been exchanged for robbed offprints of Triune Intermediary soul the abilities of Triune Intermediary have been partially transferred to the ineligible people who have gained own spirit by this way. Original inhabitants of heaven were replaced by the people with all their lusts, ambitions, passions and destructive mental programs mostly at subconscious and unconscious level of consciousness.
    Heavens has become hells filled with thieves, and robbers, and murderers not always amateur.

    During cleaning down regions of world the damage of the Triune Intermediary head has led to the fact some infernal beings have escaped from his body before they could be transformed. At first it has been „devil“ and „Satan“ in an anthropomorphic and animal form, the archetypes having mostly arisen from the crime of the man of imitation. The archetypes at the time of its release could not be distinguished from the soul offprint of the Triune Intermediary except of their unrecognizable tendencies that have not been manifestated when the ones have been „captured and overwhelmed“ there.
    Hence, the condition to keep the inner being inside the body has not been negligable factor for the implementation of Triune on earth.

    Thus, it has happened the soul robbers have realized devil and Satan on earth. Removing their inner being out of their body for making magic from roofs the robbers have „released“ Satan and devil out so that the ones could fully apply its tendencies in heaven.
    Earth has turned on hell as well as heaven that has been filled by the „synagogue of Satan.“ And the „synagogue of Satan“ has continuosly wished something.
    Their special wish has been nothing less than the death for the One to whome they have robbed the soul, and spirit, and life. However, his inner being has been in many of them.

    The ordering terrorism and harms of any kind from roofs, especially damage to life, and health, and property has occured in the world scale.

    These „psychotic saviors“ have become addicted to the inner being of the Triune Intermediary. The fact has led to continuous and years lasting rifling of His soul offprints on the one hand, and to ongoing effort to humiliate and eliminate Him to death using „pulled worms“ burdened with their guilt and other harmful factors on the other.
    Deliberately used poisons and digested fluids called „Gray horse, the name of the rider’s death“ (Rev. 6:8) have been the adverse factors.
    Generally, the psychotics at roofs have transfered their guilts with a preview of guilt projection arisen from earth destruction after military activities onto those to whom they previously robbed the spirit or soul arguing that it has been them who have made practical execution on earth. The purpose of what has been transmission of malignant fluids originated from violent termination of humans elsewhere.
    The same ones have become dependent on the fact He who has been continuously killed for seven years or even more has created earth and heaven. (Jer 10:11)
    There was no one among the false initiatics who could understand this simple fact.

    VI. Immortality and the desire for it has been incorporated into the reptiligenous creation as the supreme goal of all deeds or crimes if it is taken into account this world of imitation has come from the crime and as such the one has reminded.
    Implementation of immortality has been promoted within the meaning of it.
    The so-called immortals have mostly arisen from the first attempt to destroy The First One and to rob his heritage as well as from another ones. Their immortality has not been based on technical skills or morality or mental and spiritual procedures described in the Vishnus´ doctrines. It has been built on a robbing of the purest human souls. The souls have been abused to create spirits of the psychotics at roofs, and to maintain their physical bodies immortal. The souls and the offprints of theTriune Intermediary during apotheoses have been exploited as a build matter or food for worms pulled out of the bodies of the psychotics meanwhile doing their „divine“ deeds at roofs.

    The immortal psychotics have provoked an extremely accelerated and irreversible decline of humanity. Human population has had no idea that it has been in hands of a few hundred scoundrels living for centuries or millennia to the detriment of the whole devastating human genefond to the extent that at the end of era nobody could say to himself he or she is still human.

    At the same time, approximately from the 50th of the 20 century Y.L., immortals has created world empowerment project that has taken account a use of military forces of the West. The project has been accompanied by three blocks of measures.

    The first of the blocks has consisted from the apotheosis and related activities. (Seven Seals of the Lamb, Gabriel Los, 2010.) The project was based on that the certain number of individuals from various countries (in the order of hundreds of thousands people) would be selected for active participation or a participation through engagements at the empowerement of world. Apotheosis of this scale was completed approximately in the year 2006 Y.L.
    Thus immortals have intangled „coo-workers“ forced to coo-operate either by financial duties or by obligations sprung from spiritual initiation or by other even less appropriate way. The less appropriate way of man control has consisted from direct manipulating brain activity from roofs or programming through the spirit of a person sold to selected body coming from the soul offprint robbery of the Triune Intermediary. The spirit has obtained intrusive programme before entering body of its owner.
    The most malignant way of the man remote control has been the effect of „hirer hand“ made at uncounscious level as a rule for an ordered man or woman.
    The block of measures has ensured executive body for a performance of power from roofs as well as human shield which had to be broken to overtake the initiators and the organizers of the measures by the consequences of their deeds.
    The human shield would to guarantee that the world will fall down before initiators from among the immortals will be catched, and that the same ones will consume souls of those murdered or left to fall.
    Another part of the same block of measures has included elimination of spiritual beings arising from the Holy Spirit that could stand as a bar on the ways of the immortals.
    „A sexual revolution“ has been continuously held in heaven for this reason. The purpose of the revolution inadmissible before has been to destroy both inhabitants of the up regions of world and their„inlighters,“ ie. archetypes arisen from the creation of the First One and holy spirits coming from the best people from the very beginning up to date.
    The sexual revolution in heaven has taken place also because of ignorance, or trivial gratification of lust of inappropriate initiatics, or as a sophisticated form of murder, or as a conspired abuse of a broader mass creating the human shield.
    Another measure of the block has consisted from activities aimed at elimination of the holders of spirits on earth. The immortals have used spiritual beings including Holy Spirit as vessels to which they have coated their guns. The ones have been filled with real consequences of military activities of the West at a form of contaminated fluids arisen from deceased people and their suffering. Holders or creators of these spirits have received a „consighment“ after correlated military activities. Clean part of the fluids arisen from the killed people have been delivered to organized psychotics at roofs.
    The Americans have even created polluted fluid reservoirs in the mountains of Arizona. Instant cleaning of the U.S. military activities has been the purpose.

    The second block of measures has been aimed at to seize and occupy strategic places on Earth orbits, and on the satellite of Earth, on the Moon.
    There were created sufficient food supplies at satellite stations, and survival equipments including laboratories for human genetic cloning, and supplies of weapons. Implementation of the measures has been provided within „scientific space exploration,“ and in a frame of the U.S. „star tourism,“ which has been used by the civilian sector of various countries.
    A stacionary life compatible ship has been ment to be built on Earth´orbit or on the Moon being equipped with technologies allowing subsequent return to Earth at a time when long-acting effects of weapons or lasting hazardeous substances from military tools will be gone.

    The third block of measures has implied a seizure of strategic raw materials and resources of Earth. World power has been meant to be ligated to enable an economic and politic dictate of the Americans to the world. Strategically important places hase been occupied within so-called economic aid that has consisted in the destruction of domestic economy and market. The one has been replaced by the „terms of trade“ of the immortals. Corruption has belonged to the basic methods of the procedures.
    Other places were occupied by military forces directly.
    An abolition of civil rights in the countries of the immortals has served for implemantation of all blocks of measures. Instead of keeping up the human rights a fight against fictive „terrorism“ has been ment to be introduced. This measure has been used for elimination of the opponents of this project as well as for removing a feedback in the „democratic system.“
    Justice of mankind, particularly the one of the immortals has meant making self-will equal to law and crossing the border between life and death in a detriment to a man. Thus has begun and ended low order of the society known as civilization. Justice in human society has not been valid at any age.

    VII. The spreading of malignant behavior patterns from roofs has been done by many nations. The destructive patterns of behavior have consisted mainly from direct killing and causing damages of any kind.
    Activities of „healers“ or „miracle workers“ has belonged to the category of activities made from roofs as well. The „healers“ have been treating their patients using inner being of the Triune Intermediary to whom the diseases have been to a certain extend transmitted. Treatment of cancer and other malignant diseases have not been an exception.

    The share of the Americans to the event of destruction. The largest scale. Destruction on breadth of earth based on a mass mental disorder presence, that is the specification of work of the Americans at roofs. Massive expansion of mental disorders has been induced by the Americans economic system together with relocation of „spiritual teachings“ based on the human personality disintegration from Orient to the U.S.A.
    An outcome of the „the Americans spirituality“ has been the worst possible similary as in the case of „spirituality of the the French“ and „spirituality of „spiritual elites“ of England. Inevitable mental breakdown and demon incarnations at presence of „enlightened men,“ that has been the outcome.
    The result of the disintegration of the society has been manifestated by spreading lies and propaganda with help of mass-media.
    Later, the Americans have been performed terrorist activities in their own country and elsewhere. The highlight of the Americans „spirituality“ has been world-wide implantation of molecular nets into brains of people. Lasting over human life, molecular nets have been implanted together with vaccines or directly from roofs with use of magic into brain of more than half of human population including the Triune Intermediary.
    Molecular nets have anabled identification of individuals and managing people remotely.
    Molecular nets in brains have been an amplifiers of discordant impulses or volitional instructions „throwen“ or put directly into brains of people from roofs. The throwing has been made with intent to spread disharmony and to cause conflicts.

    The Americans together with immortals from other countries have figured out a “crucial“ project of world seizure. The group implemented the project has been headed by the founders of the U.S. federal funds and their followers including former US president Bush and many others.
    The project was established on following steps realized anywhere on Earth: 1. terrorist attack done by the Americans or their coo-workers, 2. provocation of local conflicts with help of discordant brain stimuli in the form of inhuman torture from roofs , 3. accusing victims of the Americans terror 4. using any kind of means including satellite guided weapons or satellite weapons for conflict resolution. The American world empowerment project has taken account local conflicts as a basic method of empower various countries of the world.
    The project has been accompanied with propaganda that has been meant both to ensure an aknowledgement of the Americans as the „saviors of mankind“ and to ensure the Americans will be elected to head of survived nations as a creators of world peace by the nations themselves.
    Strategy of spreading of alarming threat the Earth is attacked by a powerful extraterestrial enemy has been meant to preceded complete seizure of the world power.
    A counsel of UN for negotiation with extraterrestrials has been established at the end of era. However, the aim of the maesure has been Earth will pay and the U.S. economic partners will cost money.
    The Extraterrestrial civilization has been supposed to be created on the base of legal American business in „orbital tourism“.
    Candidates of extraterrestrial civilizations have become members of the U.S. top class and economic leaders of other countries who have been organized in secret organizations, the most significant of which has been the Ordo Templi Orientis and offshoots of the association.
    Scientists of various disciplines associated with Nasa have been co-operated at the project of „extraterrestrial civilization.“ The project has included rejected human cloning between others. The immortals have made genetic identical and modified clones of themselves to ensure their immortality even more during the events come.
    There has occured unprecedented violation of human rights and conventions of the protection of man and human life within the framework of human cloning. Experiments of this kind have been accompanied by severe mental and physical torture that could not be compared even with the „medical research“ of fascist Germany during the 2nd World War (WW2).

    The Americans have set patterns of behavior from roofs to turn good onto bad, to turn clean onto dirt. Assassinating of holy heavenly beings including Triune Intermediary soul offprints has been prior and seven years lasting American activity based on blaming, ie. on their guilt projection sprung from their violent activities.
    The origin of the behavior of the Americans has emerged as a consequnce of improper „spitrituality.“ Up to ten thousand demons was born in the U.S.A. as a result of a „spiritual work“ of K. Minařík during WW2 in the Northern Sea. Later the people have seized USMC, and USN, and USNA.

    The share of the French to the event of destruction. The French has prepared the crime of apotheosis. The French have held one of the greatest robbery of the offprints of Triune Intermediary soul and His holy beings. As far as the last apotheosis is concerned the French have done more then other nations and on larger scale in proportion to the occupation and subsequent destruction of the inhabitants of heavenly spheres and the ones itselves. The French, French Czech, French Swede, French Spain, French Portugal, French Italian, French Jew colaborating with German neofascists have created patterns of man assassination to efface testimony of their crimes.
    Direct throwing of deadly fluids from roofs through head have belonged to the used physical execution tools. Using the toxins embedded in foods and beverages from roofs as well as using hazardeous disease gems applied from roofs either directly or with help oft stinging insects have also belonged to the common procedures of the French at roofs.
    The French have established abusing sexuality from roofs never done before as far as extend and destroing multiplicity is concerned. Sexuality has been abused as a mean for vilifying pure beings so that no ever used methods of terror made from roofs could be compared with.
    The French has set task in heaven to make objects from the heavenly beings to eat them so that the consumers would not be guilty.
    The French have designed patterns of gratuitos turturing from roofs created with the intention to lead their victims to commit suicide. Their methods have included simulated breaking bones, destruction of the joints, causing incontinence, chipping teeth while eating, causing accidents, causing injuries and their subsequent opening, causing dehydration etc.

    The share of the English to the event of destruction. The English have held one of the greatest robbery of the soul offprint of Triune Intermediary. The group known as „Golden Down“ has been probably the most detrimental of all as far as an outcome of its´ activities at roofs are taken account. The members of the group have been probably the worst of all the ones who have come as a products of earlier apotheoses. They have murdered holy beings and they have robbed souls of people to achieve personal immortality for a time long enough to promote the detrimental outputs in a large scale. They have caused fatal roud accident to the Triune Intermediary through magic togehter with the Cains´ spirit several decades before the last apotheoses.

    The share of the Czechs and Slovaks to the event of destruction. Both of them have served as intermediaries of apotheosis for the West and Middle East. Both of them have stolen and sold the soul offprints of Triune Intermediary in the largest scale. The Czechs and Slovaks have been executors of terror done from roofs that has been set by them to the nicest beings ever occured in heaven. This has been an outcome: the destruction of any idea of human rights guaranted by the state constitutions, and establishing world scale terror.
    However, the Czech patterns of behaviour has been originaly established by French and evoked by English and American participants of the apotheosis.
    One of the most strange pattern of human behavior was created exclusively by the Czechs: misery and suffering by „typing no possession, no possibilities, no chances“ that has begun be fulfiled immediately after the entering. It has brought a brake to the right of privacy, right to sleep, right to have a possession as well as property damages of any kind. It has struck work, communication, home stay, all that life has involved.
    Selected Czech and Slovak immigrants have been characterized by mental disorders associated with emigration that has induced malevolent individuals convinced of their superiority and their super rights. They have been plundering and murdering from roofs according to their own more then others.
    Several Czechs at roofs, the worst of them have consumed the offprints of soul of Triune Intermediary without a connection of a consecration. The abuse eventually has led to an initiation, too. Consequences of the treatment have been the same as in the case of repeated invocations or robbing and consuming pure human souls.
    Origin: embodiments from the below regions of world attracted by the light of a man named K. Minařík consecrated before WW2. The inhabitants of the below regoins of world have absorbed a part of his light so that they could be reborned in human bodies. Nevertheless, their inner value has remained almost at a level of their origin. Region of Hradec Králové (H.K.) has been demaged seriously. Later the humans have been reproduced and spread over Bohemia especially in following cities: Kroměříž, Vyškov, Broumov, Liberec, etc.

    During the last apotheosis several Czech people have personified archetypes of down regions of world. It has been Robert Nový (Prague), Jan Tomáš (Horní Jelení) and his spiritual leader Josef Studený (Nemojov u Dvora Králové n. Labem) who have personified an anthropomorphic Satan as ones of the first.
    Anthropomorphic Satan was characterized by passion, lust and evil of every kind held in the context of achieving the objects of lust.
    Robert Nový, a man marked by a lack of education has initiated almost entire capital of Czech Republic with use of animal Satan (serpent) as a mean of a „spiritual“ initiation. R. Nový has robbed the snake from the head of the Triune Intermediary. The consecrations have been made technically from roofs abusing people during sexual intercourses and otherwise mostly without their acquaitance.
    Jan Tomáš has created a pattern of mental terror from roofs leading to death on the ground of lust to know more then others. The pattern has been set as a wish that has been transfered at roofs where the one has been realized by those who have given up their will. The pattern has been based on throwing of his speculations embodied onto the fluids arisen out of the deceased humans through a head of his victim. The throw attended by humiliating done by other participants of the apotheosis has been followed by another one involved in world guilty feelings originated from elsewhere. The continuity of the secret wantings has created a new world wide injustice spreading death.
    Animal Satan (dragon) has been embodied by the family of Jan Kantůrek from H.K. A serial killer, Jan Kantůrek has made the greatest robbery of the soul offprints of Triune Intermediary and other heavenly beings in comparison with all participants of the apotheosis. The robbed beings has been rellocated according to his special sence of evil, or they have been tortured to dead or directly assassinated. His acqaitnace from H.K. has ordered performance of hate to everything and everyone to keep the negativity as an obligatory base of philosophy of life. Another one from Vyškov has hung of the original saints and other holy beings at his „special“ tree of life.
    H. K. has became a center of the world evil.
    Several Czech initiatics have participated in a failed attempt of an insertion of a-bomb explosion onto Holy Spirit. The proposers of the attempt have been members of a magician group „Sea Eye“ from Prague and Ostrava as well. Several magicians associated within publishers called Volvox Globator have been participated.
    One of the first who has personified anthropomorfic devil has been Josef Karika (Bratislava) and his family from Slovakia. Anthropomorphic devil has been characterized by causing damage of any kind. Compared to Satan, devil has provided harder version of attacks.
    The realization of Satan and devil within these nations has been sponteneous, ie. based on the actual inner value of appointed who have led nations at spiritual level. Thus the consequences of their destructive activities has been transfered at the nations at level of causes.

    Conclusion: The Human World and Its´ Secrets
    1. The world has come from the evil deed purpose of that has been to overtake a power of someone else, and to hide the participants of the crime to the multiplicity of forms in order to survive consequence of the deed so that no consciouss guilt has remained after them.
    2.The multiplicity of forms has been ensured due to sexuality creation within the world. The way of increasing abilities of power seizure has been arranged by eating part of the reptile from which the reptileferous human has been created. The reptile or a snake after its´ quartering has been compulsed to eat part of itself. The food chains and sexual reproduction among others have been manifestations of the lie adaptations. The purpose and the cause of the creation – the blurring the crime in all circumstances of the case – has been later marked as an evolution of the system.
    For the reptiligenous human as well as its´ sexuality has been created with help of „reptile´s power“ the humans arisen have not been so quite humans, but a „synagogue of the Satan.“
    3. Thus, the world built at a guilt projection has been established due to fast ageing that has been accelerated within the sexuality promotion. Therefore, it has been the creation of imitation carrying death that has got old and that has been mattered instead of the God´s creation. Four kind of human beings have been included to the world: the incorruptible generation, the generation of imitation, reptiligenous humans and zodiac humans or others arisen from later magic crimes done as a combination of lower world beings and humans of earlier origin mostly during events of apotheoses. Involutionary peculiarities in form of new lower or detrimental kind of biological species originated from the humans and their magic deeds have occurred during that times, especially insects, and parasites, and gems of malignant diseases etc.
    4. The last human of the Gods´ ncorruptible generation has been Jesus from Nazareth.

    5. The social evolution of the reptiligenous humans that have destroyed humans of earlier origin has been built on the patterns the final peak of that has lied across any power usurpation in sense of the social scructure. That has meant a „spiritual“ consacration in terms of the superstructure of the social status.
    The social hierarchy at the end of the „Darwinian evolution“ of the system has been based on that who has consumed more meritorious system values without being directly involved in the creation of the values ​​not only in the form of pure light of the world called Elohim.
    The general uncalled-for consumption of the meritorious values within the synagogue of the reptile has led to a psychic disorders. An incidence of mental disorders has occured in a societal scale. At the end of the ages there was nobody who ever could truthfully claim he is still human. (Rev 5:3)
    6. The final stage of „evolution“ in terms of social organization has been the „state“ occurence fenomena. Individual states or state formations have applied analogies of the same „evolutionary“ adaptations among themselves as individuals. The state has become a burden for the humans of lower social status where the values of the system has been created. The same analogies of the „evolutionary“ adaptations have been used in a frame of the relationship between the state and its´ individuals.
    7. The state order of laws, in fact the expression of adaptation to the lie has been invented to eliminate the crime occurence in general however, it has been possible to trespass the legal order anywhere means for the excess have been presented. The tools of the exceeding of the low order have been power and money. The tresspassing has taken place from both the state executive administration, and their citizens. In terms of rendering justice to the rule of law the legal order has failed.
    8. At the end of ages the system of the reptiligenous humans has been quite dissociated at bottom of the crime patterns established at the beginnig that have been openly requested as inherent „human rights.“ A value of human being has been overthrowen away. The „evolutionary“ tendencies postered at public as positive progress of the society has meant a reinforcement of unconscious tendencies of the individuals. Those, who have applied the tendecies called ambitions at that times have been pushed through at the governing positions to maintain the crime patterns ongoing so that the fight for power could continue. The attempts has been attended by an effort of the world administrations to change social consciousness due to a use of mass media in terms the future events connected with the world power seizure would be in accordance with the view of the general public. The lies have been presented as scientific discoveries.

    9. The spirituality of the reptiligenous society has consisted from two basic methods of achieving the spiritual initiation or consecration. The first one has been associated with the retention of essential factors in human body by self-centered concentration connected with complete asceticism at all levels of life inclunding perception, that has been a characteristic feature of the Oriental Vishnu s´ teachings. Thus, one could become an absorption unit of free meritorious spiritual element carriers. Certain consumption of the carriers has led to the separation of the personality shadow that has been the characteristic feature of psychoses, ie. the most serious disfunctions of personality. The process has been called consecration. The high consecration of this type has been followed by social or natural disasters as a reflection of a loss of meritorious spiritual elements in the society as well as the „master“ fight with his own nature in the form of the separate personality shadow called „threshold demon.“
    The second method, the characteristic feature of the West Atlantic or Egyptian magic has been based on robbery of the pure spiritual elements linked to the souls of people and their transfer into the bodies of individuals arbitrarily selected according to the power position in the society. Certain consumption of these elements has led to the consecration of the same way. The method has included invocations and another steps of white or black magic that enabled consumption of essential factors of life at detriment of other members of the society. Crisis and collapses of the system have followed after the consecrations of this type cause of that has lied at will application of those who were not eligible for the initiation having not passed through the toughest ethic and ascetic discipline on the Vishnu s´ paths.
    After the crime of the creation the spiritual consecration has always been attended by the split of personality within the imitated reptiligenous and animal humans that has resulted at psychosis.
    This kind of „spirituality“ of the reptiligenous humans on earth has caused many rebirths and consequent proliferation of lower region beings for reason of the presence of the „enlightened“ men that has declined humanity to an unparalleled low level, ie. according to their deeds lower that the one of the Satan after the qurtering of the lizard Nebro. Marginalizing or eliminating of any ethical considerations of the society has followed.
    Amongst the mechanisms of the „spiritual Darwinian evolution“ has belonged direct looting of souls and spirits out of bodies of still living people and robbery of psychic wealth of more capable humans from roofs.

    10. At the end of ages the reptififerous humanity has been initiated by the psychotics at roofs as a whole. The technical initiations have been done so that the personality shadows would be replaced by robbed soul offprints of the Triune Intermediary of that time. Mostly, the initiatics have not been informed. After the destruction of the inner being of Triune Intermediary the synagogue of Satan has began to move to the psychotic diagnosis as a whole that would depend on the continuous robbing of the Triune Intermediary soul offprints so that the initiatics could make their feelings better.
    Large scale initiating has caused stabilization of Satan on earth after the low regions have been eliminated within incoming of the Triune Intermediary.
    During the fall of the „perfection in imperfection,“ as the world of reptileferous humans has been called by the synagogue of Satan itself the analogies of destruction of the primary crime have been almost identically repeated. The truth has been suppressed to the extend all the people have vished destruction of all and everything at unconscious level of consciousness.

    Approximately three million of years of indescribable suffering and violence in the system where driver has been a lie and crime has been a wehicle and related adaptations have played hike and seek, and where making power seizure crimes secret through sexuality and guilt projection has been the only sence of the existence of humans and where to live within the circles of food chains otherwise then at expence of someone else has been impossible has caused just one reptiligenous men together with „hirer hand“ cooperation within the first man of imitation called Adam or Vishnu, and one of the enlighters above called Lucipher. The first reptiligenous man was born on earth as a son of Eve who has been made by himself. The name of the first man from synagogue of Satan was Cain.
    The executor have successfully survived till the end of his creation. The guilty one has been always someone else.

  2. ahoj Ondro,

    myslím, že ještě tenhle rok si budeš moci rozšířit všechny články o nacistických technologiích o přesnější informace o mucholapce, dalších neznámých podzemích a zjistíš , že Wewelsburg nebyl v Evropě jediný, knížka už snad brzo bude


    Milan Jesen.cz

  3. Zdravim prepačte že otravujem len som fascinovany celou touto vecou… viem no neviem s kým mám tieto veci preberat lebo každemu komu som to oznamil alebo povedal tak mi neuveril a potrebujem sa poradit s Pani ktora sa s nimi rozprava … velmi vas prosim o kontakt … môj e-mail je kann@centrum.sk

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